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6.4 Hemi Truck Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit
6.4 Hemi Truck Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit
Our Price: $799.00

Moe's Performance and Modern Muscle have teamed up once again to now offer the OEM 6.4 Hemi intake manifold as an upgrade from the stock 5.7 manifold. Dyno testing has shown gains of 29hp/16tq to the wheels on trucks with a bigger cam and longtube headers, and we use the same manifold on Hemifever's 2017 Ram that has set the bar as the fastest N/A 5.7 Ram at 11.31 in the 1/4 mile. Same manifold is on Rick Spillman's record setting 2018 4dr 4wd N/A 5.7 Ram that went 11.78 in the 1/4 mile.

This kit will include the intake manifold, SRV module, fuel rails, 6.4 truck injectors, and an EGR block off plate.

***You will need to extend the wiring to the SRV module as the 5.7 intake mounts the SRV on the back of the intake, whereas the 6.4 manifold mounts the SRV on the front of the intake manifold. Custom tuning is also required for this manifold to account for the larger injectors.

***This manifold will not work with the stock 5.7 cold air intake kits. You are welcome to build your own intake, use the optional Legmaker 4" Carbon Fiber short Ram intake, Moe's Performance 4" Carbon Fiber Track Intake that we opted to use on Hemifever's truck, or we also offer the 6.4 S&B intake for a more factory style look.
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